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Transactional Reporting

Transactions posted within the past 90 days are listed. For dates not listed, there were no transactions.

Please refer to the Details link and/or PDF attachment (as available) for additional information on a transaction.

  K Beg DateK End DateK Holder NameK HolderAffilSvc Req KK Qty-KK Ent Beg DateK Ent End DateRate ChgdK Stat DescAmend Rptg Desc
Details View Doc 04/01/201804/30/2018WORLD FUEL SERVICES, INC.606036481 NONE188390004/01/201804/30/2018$0.3000New
Details View Doc 04/01/201803/31/2019CIMA ENERGY, LTD.945601599 NONE18846,00004/01/201803/31/2019$0.2400New
Details 03/01/201803/31/2018WORLD FUEL SERVICES, INC.606036481 NONE8185050003/01/201803/31/2018$0.5833New
Details 02/01/201802/28/2018WORLD FUEL SERVICES, INC.606036481 NONE818491,10002/01/201802/28/2018$0.5833New
Details View Doc 10/01/201609/30/2026CHEVRON U.S.A. INC.009140559 NONE2000865,00004/01/201809/30/2026$0.1742Amended All Data
Details View Doc 11/01/201010/31/2020TWIN EAGLE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, LLC965177889 NONE18266,16104/01/201810/31/2020$0.5833Amended All Data