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Rapids Setup
-Rapids Installation

Below are installation and set-up instructions to access Rapids:

Verify Firewall Settings
Please verify your Firewall Settings with your IT department if necessary.

Install Citrix Software
Install Citrix to access the Rapids application. Kern River recommends customers install Receiver for Windows, Version 4.4.1000 , which is currently supported for Rapids access, whereas Receiver for Windows, Versions 4.4.0000, 4.5.0000 and 4.6.0000, are not compatible with Kern River’s Citrix servers. If your IT department suggests a different version be installed, please visit for further information and/or contact Kern River Marketing & Customer Services for assistance.

Create Rapids Temporary Directory
Create a directory c:\KernR\ to store Rapids download and other temporary files.

Save Rapids Login Information (optional)
Save the rapids.ini file in your newly created c:\KernR\ directory.  Your login information will be saved to this file the next time you log into Rapids (NOTE: you must check the "Save Information" box AND save the rapids.ini file to your c:\KernR\ directory in order to save your login information.)

Launch Rapids
Click on any Launch Rapids link on the website to access the Rapids system.

The File Security-Citrix message box will appear. Select "Permit all access" option to allow Rapids access to your Citrix program and the KernR directory. (NOTE: this message will appear every time you launch Rapids unless you check the "Do not ask me again for this site" box at the bottom of the message.)

Rapids Installation is Complete!
Kern River strives to provide excellent customer service.  For support during or after installation, feel free to call your Marketing and Customer Services Representative or the Kern River Hotline at 801-937-6111.